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Regulatory Agencies

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Federal Reserve

National Credit Union Association


OCC 2012-16  Guidance for Evaluating Capital Planning and Adequacy


Interagency Policy Statement on Funding and Liquidity Risk Management

Interest Rate Risk

OCC 2010-1 Interagency Advisory on Interest Rate Risk Management

OCC 2011-12  Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management

OCC 2004-29  Embedded Options and Long-Term Interest Rate Risk

Interagency Advisory on Interest Rate Risk Management – Frequently Asked Questions

NCUA – Interest Rate Risk Policy and Program

NCUA 12 CU 05 - Interest Rate Risk Policy and Program Requirements

NCUA 12-CU-11 Interest Rate Risk Policy and Program Frequently Asked Questions



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Interest Rate Risk Model Validation



Average Life Analysis for Non-Maturity Deposits



Asset / Liability Management Process Review



Back-Testing Model Results



Capital Planning and Stress Testing


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